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Leica M2 Instructions in Brief


Leica M2 Instructions in Brief


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You are a LEICA owner and now belong to an immense world-wide family of happy LEICA photographers. We hope that you will enjoy using your LEICA for many years- when you relax in your spare time, or when you need it for serious work. Our scientists and designers have successfully combined the experience and tradition of over a generation with the latest advances in photographic technique. Their aim was to take all technical matters off your mind. The LEICA looks after these for you that is why picture taking with the LEICA is so fascinating and simple. Handling needs just a few operations they soon become second nature. But first do please read this instruction book. Whatever its literary merits, it is well worth the short time you need to study it thoroughly.



A. Taking the Picture

  1. Set aperture (11) and shutter speed (3).
  2. View subject through finder eyepiece (18). Focus lens (12) by superimposing double subject outlines in rangefinder field.
  3. Release shutter (1).
  4. Work transport lever (2) as far as it will go: the LEICA is ready for the next exposure.
  5. Note: Always remember to remove the lens cap. Pull out and lock the lens barrel if collapsible.

B. Changing the Lens

  1. Depress bayonet catch (14), turn lens to the left, and lift out.
  2. Important: Camera opening should face holder.
  3. Insert new lens: align red locating dots camera and lens mount, place lens in position, and turn to the right until lock engages with a click.

C. Inserting the Film

  1. Unlock base plate (25) and lift off, swing open camera back, and withdraw take-up spool.
  2. Push film leader under spring of take-up spool.
  3. Insert cassette and take-up spool into camera as shown on diagram on camera. The film must lie parallel to the light guide line. Gently work transport lever to engage sprocket correctly in perforation holes of film. Then close back, replace base plate, and lock.
  4. Advance film, release shutter, advance film again, and release shutter a second time. Set film counter (17) to No. 0. The counter now counts every frame.
  5. Set film indicator (22).

D. Unloading the Exposed Film

  1. Depress reversing button (15) and keep depressed. Pull out extensible rewind knob (6) and turn in direction of arrow until film is completely rewound in cassette. Wind past a slight resistance as the film leaves the take-up spool.
  2. Open base plate and remove cassette.

The Leica is a valuable precision instrument. So make a note of the serial number of your camera and lenses, and advise us in case of loss. This may enable us to trace and to restore LEICA equipment to its rightful owner.


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