Portrait Photography

Studio Techniques for Portrait Photography—Kadak Professional Data Book

Studio Techniques for Portrait Photography

Essentially, this book deals with portrait lighting—that is, the hows and whys of placing studio lights so as to illuminate the subject in the most pleasing way. Thus the topics of broad and short main-light positioning, fill-light brightness, and back lighting are discussed. Because posing, backgrounds, vignettes, and, yes, even bellows-extension factors are fundamental to portraiture, these topics are also included.

The lighting procedures suggested are based on the conventional procedures of expert portrait photographers—those professionals who, day in and day out, endeavor to produce artistic and salable likenesses of their customers. These suggestions are not intended as hard-and-fast rules; nor should they be regarded as the only way to light a subject—merely one good way. To some readers, these procedures may well be regarded as review; yet, perhaps a suggestion here or there might help them correct a lighting flaw that has remained unnoticed or point the way to more efficient methods or more artistic results. Of course, we hope this information will be very helpful to the newcomer to portrait photography, as well as to the commercial or industrial photographer who is called upon to make an occasional portrait.

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