Kodak Papers

This Data Book has been revised to include such Kodak Papers as Polycontrast and Polycontrast Rapid. This revision of “Kodak Papers” provides owners of the Kodak Reference Handbook with a replacement unit for any edition bearing an earlier printing date than 1958.

This booklet deals mainly with the characteristics of black-and-white photographic papers. The actual techniques of print making are discussed in two separate Kodak Data Books — “Enlarging with Kodak Materials and Equipment,” and “Professional Printing with Kodak Photographic Papers.”

“Kodak Papers” is one of a whole series of Kodak Data Books. There is a Kodak Data Book to give you accurate information on almost any photographic subject you can imagine. These Data Books are available individually, and some are also components of the various Kodak Handbooks, such as the Kodak Reference Handbook or the Kodak Color Handbook. Each is a complete unit in itself.

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