Wollensak Photo Lenses

Wollensak Photo Lenses Catalog No. 38

Wollensak Photo Lenses Catalog No. 38


With consistent earnestness and ambition to meet the new day demands in photography, we have developed a line of still and motion picture lenses that is complete for every need. The skillful precision and care that enter into the manufacturing of each lens permit us to offer superior quality. Only high grade artisans, best materials and the finest optical glass procurable enter into the making of Wollensak lenses.

Since 1899 Wollensak lenses have occupied an enviable position in the field and are in constant use by the better photographers throughout the world who manifest keen delight and complete satisfaction.

As the quality in a lens contributes greatly to the distinctiveness of the finished photograph, intelligent care should be used in selecting a lens that is best suited for the purpose. As specialists in photographic lenses and shutters, we solicit the opportunity of making recommendations and serving your requirements.