About Us


Thank you for visiting SurplusCameraGear.com! As the name implies, I sell used cameras, photographic equipment and accessories. However, there’s more to it than that.

In 2009 I took a job supporting ProStores eCommerce Solutions. I had previously done some selling on eBay, but purely as an individual listing his own used items to clean house and raise a few extra dollars. My background was in photography and, while I wasn’t a power-seller by any means, I attribute most of my success on eBay to my being able to provide high-quality images, and accurate, detailed descriptions of my products.

Three months into my new career as a technical support agent I launched Fauxlaroids.com — Your State-of-the-Art ProStores Test Site. Over the years I've used Fauxlaroids to create sample eCommerce products as well as ProStores Tutorials to help ProStores' merchants optimize their sites for maximum effectiveness. Yet I have never actually sold anything — my knowledge of eCommerce remained essentially theoretical.

To build on all of the key learnings in eCommerce gained over these past years, I'm embarking on a new adventure by launching this new ventureSurplusCameraGear.com.

Initially SurplusCameraGear.com, like my foray of old selling items on eBay, will be a venue to sell superfluous cameras and other photographic equipment from my own collection, and, in time, it may never be more than that! However, the real objective of the venture is to apply all of the eCommerce knowledge I've accumulated to a site that is, admittedly, a David among Goliaths. This is, after all, the ProStores' experience for many merchants — the small retailer competing with the Amazon.com's of the world.

While in one regard this site is experimental, the products here are very real (demo listings will remain on Fauxlaroids.com), and very much for sale! I will strive to deliver the same degree of customer satisfaction my buyers enjoyed on eBay (100% positive feedback).

Bookmark this page and stop by often, as I’ll be updating the inventory as I am able. I’ll also be posting updates on the development of the site at blog.fauxlaroids.com, so if you’re interested in the eCommerce aspect of the store more than camera gear, keep an eye on the blog for the latest news.

Thanks again for stopping by!