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Nikon F2 - The Evolution of the Nikon System - 1976 Sales Sheets - Free Download


Nikon F2 - The Evolution of the Nikon System - 1976 Sales Sheets - Free Download


Product Description

Eight (8) pages of product information on the Nikon F2 System Camera and accessories including interchangeable finders and focusing screens, Nikon MD-1 Motor Drive and MB-1 Battery Pack, and 250/800 Exposure Backs from a 1976 Nikon Sales Binder.

Another major advance in the
evolution of the Nikon System

The Nikon F2

Hardly any product so clearly demonstrates unchallenged leadership in its field as the Nikon F2 does among the world’s fine 35mm cameras.

The F2 provides the Nikon photographer with impressive new capabilities developed by Nikon research. Its major innovations include a newly designed shutter with accurate speeds from 10 seconds to 1/2000th, an ingeniously compact accessory EE aperture control attachment for automatic exposure control, and a fully interchangeable, superbly efficient, yet uncomplicated motor drive system.

Equally important are the many examples of human engineering that contribute to the camera’s uncanny responsiveness. The F2 cradles comfortably in shooting position, thanks to the rounded lens mount which also makes lens changing more convenient. The trigger finger rests naturally on the shutter release button in its location far forward on the camera. The advance lever, with its short 120° stroke, can be worked easily without jarring the F2 away from the eye.

At the same time, the F2 is unmistakably a member of the Nikon system. It accepts all current Nikkor lenses, all Nikon finder screens, all closeup attachments—in fact, most Nikon system accessories other than viewfinders, motor drives and Speed Magny units. Throughout its construction, the F2 reveals the quality that has made Nikon the symbol for professionally reliable performance.

The Shutter

Unmatched speed accuracy

“Quilted” titanium foil curtain is thinner yet stronger than any other. Mounted on precision ball bearings, the curtain traverses film area in just 10 milliseconds, assuring maximum speed accuracy.

10 seconds to 1/ 2000th

Speed dial is calibrated 1 second to 1/2000th, plus “B” (“T” is located on fingerguard ring surrounding shutter release). Speeds from 1/80th (X synch) to 1/2000th are continuously variable, providing full exposure control with Reflex Nikkors which have no diaphragm, among other advantages. Furthermore, accurate 2-to-10-second exposures can be made with dual-purpose self-timer mechanism.

Self-timer/ time exposure control

Calibrated for delays of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 seconds. Also used to produce accurate, automatically timed exposures of any of these durations, with shutter set at “B,” fingerguard at “T.”

The Viewfinder

100% accurate finder system

Long an exclusive Nikon feature, maintained in the F2. The finder shows precisely the area recorded on film, permitting composition right up to edges of frame.

Interchangeable finders

A special group of finders has been created for use with Nikon F2 (it does not accept Nikon F finders). The camera is available with Standard Prism, F2 Photomic, or F2S Photomic. These, as well as three other finders, are also offered as interchangeable accessories. See the following pages for details.

Interchangeable finder screens

Nikon F2 accepts all finder screens in the Nikon system. Type A (split prism rangefinder) is supplied as standard equipment.

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