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Kodak Hypo Alum Sepia Toner T-1a - Free Download


Kodak Hypo Alum Sepia Toner T-1a - Free Download


Product Description

Kodak Hypo Alum Sepia Toner T-1a Formula

U. S. Liquid
Cold water 90 ounces 2800 cc
Dissolve thoroughly, and add the following solution:
Hot water, about 160F (700) 20 ounces 640 cc
Kodak Potassium Alum 4 ounces 120.0 grams
Then add the following solution (including precipitate) slowly to the hypo-alum solution while stirring the latter rapidly:
Cold water 2 ounces 64.0 cc
Kodak Silver Nitrate, crystals 60 grains 4.0 grams
Sodium Chloride 60 grains 4.0 grams
After combining the above solutions,
Add water to make 1 gallon 4.0 liters
Note: The silver nitrate should be dissolved completely before adding the sodium chloride and immediately afterward the solution containing the milky white precipitate should be added to the hypo-alum solution as directed above. The formation of a black precipitate in no way impairs the toning action of the bath if proper manipulation technique is used.

For use, pour into a tray supported in a water bath and heat to 120F (49C). At this temperature prints will tone in 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of paper. Never use the solution at a temperature above 120F (49C). Blisters and stains may result. Toning should not be continued longer than 20 minutes at 120F (49C).

In order to produce good sepia tones, the prints should be exposed so that the print is slightly darker than normal when developed normally (1½ to 2 minutes).

The prints to be toned should be fixed thoroughly and washed for a few minutes before being placed in the toning bath. Dry prints should be soaked thoroughly in water. To insure even toning, the prints should be immersed completely, and separated occasionally, especially during the first few minutes.

After prints are toned, they should be wiped with a soft sponge and warm water to remove any sediment, and washed for one hour in running water.

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